Which courier service is suitable for you?

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Which courier service is suitable for you?

There are many variations to a courier service that different courier companies offer. Depending on your business nature, a specific service type may be a better fit than other courier services.

Let us then look at the different courier service types that XDel offers. You can use these factors as a guide to determine which courier service is suitable for your business:

  1. urgency/turnaround time
  2. cost
  3. security
  4. sensitivity/privacy of parcel or document.

Express 1.5 to 3.5 hours turnaround

If you are sending something urgent or sensitive, you will want lesser people handling the document or parcel in the process. This is to reduce the number transitions your shipment goes through, which in turn reduces the risk of loss or damages that may occur. We offer Express services to fulfill urgent delivery as fast as 90 minutes.

Express courier service comes at a price. Generally, it is more expensive to engage a courier company to do express delivery service. This is due to the high costs involved when conducting the delivery. Since it is almost a pick and send scenario, we do not have the economies of scale. However, if you have urgent documents or parcels to send frequently, you can send us your requirement and we can customize a solution for you.

Same Day and Next Work Day Service

Let’s say you do not have the budget for express services, or that your business simply does not require urgent delivery, you may still want to offer a same day or next day delivery service for a better customer experience. Same day delivery services are generally more affordable than express services.

As the name says, parcels and documents will be collected and delivered within the same day or by 12 noon the next working day, depending on the service level you choose.

At XDel, while urgency and cost may vary from service to service, shipment privacy and security are taken very seriously. We tag all of the shipments with a unique consignment note. This way, we can track and trace the shipments during the delivery. Who collected the package? When was it in the warehouse? Where is it now? What is the status of the shipment now? Why was there a delay in delivery? How was it resolved?

All these questions, we have the answers all the time!

After Office Hour

After office hour deliveries are more expensive because of the hours our courier messengers work. We have to pay overtime to our hardworking boys to deliver your packages! If your customer is only available to receive their package in the evening, then this will be the service to meet your needs. In addition, if our courier messengers can only pick up the shipment after 6 in the evening, it will also be an after office hour delivery. Again, our messengers have to work odd hours to conduct these deliveries and pick ups! For After Office Hour services, we operate from 6pm to 10pm.

Generally, these are the base of the services that we provide. If you need a last mile fulfillment solution, speak to us!

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