The Correct Way to Prepare for Parcel Delivery

preparing for parcel delivery

Preparing for Parcel Delivery

Have you ever purchased a ceramic mug, online and received it broken? People in the logistics chain may not be the most careful bunch. There are millions of shipments moving around the world everyday. Parcel delivery service is a must have in the eCommerce world to move your purchases. As a sender, it is our duty to make sure that we pack our fragile item well enough to withstand the handling while in transit.

Packing materials

Depending on what you are sending, you can choose from a range of materials to pack your item. Bubble wrap is one of the most simple and efficient form of protection for your shipment. You can buy mailing bags which are already lined with air bubbles to save you from the trouble of manually wrapping your item then again, if it is something very fragile like a ceramic mug, make sure you wrap the mug with more bubble wrap)

If you are sending non fragile items, especially if your item is soft or does not break/scratch/chip off easily, consider using mailing bags as they are more affordable and widely available.

Make sure your package is sealed

We have seen so many packages opened in transit, unintentionally of course. Invest in quality adhesive so that you do not have to worry about your items coming loose when delivering.

Consignment note

To properly prepare your consignment note, make sure that you have the relevant information readily available. Generally, you will need the address, name and contact number of both the receiver as well as the sender. If you have any special instructions for the delivery, you can also write it down to let the courier guy know to take certain precaution, avoiding lunch time etc.

Order parcel delivery

Now that your parcel is ready, you can start arranging for a delivery. You can call and arrange for a courier to pick up your shipment. Alternatively, you can choose to order a delivery online so you do not have to wait for a customer service staff to take your order.

Parcel delivery is a needed service. Until the day when teleportation is possible, we will still need to move items from point to point. If you require parcel delivery services, please feel free to contact us to find out more!

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