International and Cross Border

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International & Cross Border

Smaller World, Bigger Opportunities

As the world becomes smaller with globalisation, brands have a bigger audience, a wider reach to consumers. Gain a competitive edge by working with us to bring your brand to the world with our state of the art technology.

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  • Worldwide deliveries, both imports and exports
  • Digital scans retrieval of Proof Of Delivery
  • API integration for bespoke solutions
  • End to end fulfillment

Shipping of goods or containers to an intermediate destination, then to yet another destination. XDel offers an end to end solution to your international shipments.

International Courier/Mail

XDel covers over 200 countries across the globe with logistics partners from around the world. From time-sensitive items to large packages, single to multiple shipping destinations, our ground crew is ready to take on your project.

Over 4,000,000 Shipments Delivered

and still counting.

We are in the business of creating great experiences for our clients and their customers, a competitive advantage for you and your business.

Experience the best in class logistics support.